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My Ears Are Dancing!

by Lori Jo Kemper MBA,CPC, MIC, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, FOunder of The Parenting Path®, Parent Coaching and Positive Parenting Education Organization

I will never forget this particular moment in time. It was a normal day, with normal activities. There was nothing out of the ordinary going on. My three year old son and I had been to the Family Center that morning and now it was lunch time at home.

As he sat in his booster chair at the table, Jared munched on apple slices as I finished preparing our lunch. We had a lunchtime tradition each day. We would sit and have lunch together as we watched Sesame Street. Then, we would read a story and he would take a nap.

I think I enjoyed watching Sesame Street with him even more than he did. I just loved Ernie and Grover and the Cookie Monster and Snuffulupugus. We would talk about the show as it went along. We would guess what was going to happen next and we would make funny imitations of the characters. (I felt I was especially good at Grover and Cookie Monster). I still remember saying “C is for cookies, me like them a bunch…” in a low, gnarly voice and Jared would giggle.

Well, as I prepared lunch that day, Jared suddenly said, “Mommy, my ears are dancing!”

I have to tell you. It is not just the unusual words he said. It was the pure joyfulness in his voice and on his face that was the most remarkable and the most memorable. As I gazed at him from across the counter, I looked into the face of a joyful angel. His smile and the bright eyes, so lit up with excitement and enthusiasm. His joy filled my heart right up to the brim. He was in the moment, enjoying the music on the show and he was so happy it made his ears dance! Now, that is a phrase that was new to me. It is not a phrase we had used before. How he expressed his joy was amazing to me. Out of the mouths of babes.

Oh, the joy of our children. The numerous moments, so simple and delightful. It is these snippets of time that we grab day in and day out, that are some of the priceless gems of parenthood, isn’t it? May we not miss a single moment of these joys of our children. It is these moments, as our children continue to discover “the wonder of it all”, that parents are blessed with a joy that can’t be bought and with a love that knows no bounds.

As our kids grow up, I wish for all parents that their ears would be dancing often too.

Lori Jo Kemper is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and speaker.

Copyright 2006, Lori Jo Kemper, www.TheParentingPath®

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