Client Testimonials

"Lori Kemper is an outstanding speaker--well-organized, passionate and compassionate. It is a delightful experience to listen to her, learn from her, and be motivated by her wisdom and understanding."   
Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO, Parent Coaching Institute, author Parenting Well in a Media Age,   Bellevue, Washington

“ Lori did a great job of presenting current information on the effects of media on our children. Our MOPS group found her knowledge and expertise in this area extremely helpful. She has a unique way of bringing the effects of the media to the forefront of our minds, challenging us to be aware of all the different ways the negative media works it's way into the hearts and minds of our children. The handouts, websites and short video clips added a helpful dimension to her talk. It certainly was an hour well spent. We could have used more time to hear more of what Lori had to share. Her passion for protecting our children was very evident! Thank you Lori!! ” 
MOPS,  Hope Church, Woodbury, MN

“It was a pleasure to have you speak at our convention. I found your character to be encouraging and enthusiastic. You are passionate about teaching Biblical parenting principles and I enjoyed talking with you. "   
Carrie Clark, Indiana 2007 MCHE Board member (Indiana State Christian Home Schooling Conference)   Southbend, Indiana

“Thank you so much for your workshop last week, you really gave us a lot of great information. I enjoyed meeting you!” 
Barbara,  Rockport, Maine

“This is the little boy whose life is being changed so wonderfully through you in Christ! I am feeling so hopeful with the wise and godly counsel you've provided and surely from having the skills you provided me with that have such wonderful effects for my son and I. I am seeing the slightest glimpse of how I can manage him at his worst in a way that I feel is pleasing to God and comforting to him.” 
Lisa,   New York City, New York

“Thank you so much for your encouragement and for sharing about getting to our children's hearts. I look forward to implementing some of the concepts you shared about today.Thank you for serving us in this way and helping us to be better parents for the glory of His name!” 
Julie,  Bethlehem Baptist Moms, Minneapolis, MN

“We have heard you speak at the last 2 MACHE COnferences and we just love your messages! Helpful! Powerful! Thank you! ” 

“I really need to let Lori Jo know that she was so captivating that I just couldn't leave!I ended up in emergency with an appendectomy! ” 
Denise,  Montevideo, MN

“ I really appreciate all of your coaching help and advice and pray that you can help another parent out as much as you helped me. Thank you so much for your kind and loving words Lori. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! ” 
Tynna,  Minneapolis, MN

“Lori did an amazing job with her presentation. She made it fun, informative, and encouraging. She knew her stuff! Thank you so much!"  
Jan,   Riverside Church, Big Lake, MN

“Real, practical strategies for helping my children get through their school - homeschool day and our family life, without the frustration that has been taking over our home. Thankyou!"  
Miranda,  Minnetonka, MN

“ Parent coaching with Lori was more than I could have imagined. I came to depend on our time together and I looked forward to every session. Her coaching helped my husband and I go from feeling helpless and incompetent to being confident and feeling successful as parents. Best of all, our family life has really changed in good ways.” 
Terry,  St. Paul, MN

“ Thank you Lori!!! You did a great job of sharing with our MOPS group. I am hoping that maybe someday we can have you back to share in greater depth on how to become more media savvy!!! I feel blessed to have had you share your thoughts and expertise on this very challenging issue and now more than ever want to protect my grandkids!!! Your talk was informative, fun, and very thought-provoking. Keep on keeping on.....God is smiling on what you do!! ” 
Gwen Englund,  MOPS, St. Paul, MN

“Just great! Thank you for sharing such great ideas and helpful methods of making real changes with our children. My husband and I both enjoyed your seminar very much! Please come back so we can get more of our friends and family to hear this! ” 
Pat,   Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

“Fun! Interesting! Step by step methods to make changes with our kids! Excellent semiminar! Thank you for coming to our church. ” 
Cathy,   Keokuk, Iowa

“Very encouraging! Very instructive! Insightful! I liked the practical advice and tips. ” 
Debra and Michael,   St. Cloud, MN

“I am so glad we have had the opportunity to work with you Lori. Our friends referred us to you so we came to hear you speak in Duluth first. Deciding to work with you as our coach is one of the best things we have done together as parents. We learned that even good parents that are good people really can feel great about working with you as a parent coach.(LOL - we will always laugh as we remember that discussion with you!) It took us a while, but we are so glad we did not miss this chance because we have learned so much and we feel so good about our direction as leaders in our family life with our children. We will probably check in with you here and there as needed! We will miss our weekly coaching sessions Lori! Thank you!” 
Erin and Jim,  Duluth, MN

“ Lori has made all the difference in my peace of mind as a parent. Working with her has been great.  She helped me learn more about myself as a parent and more about how I could implement new skills as a parent.  I will definitely revisit her for more coaching when I hit the next challenge with my kids.”   
Theresa,  Bloomington,  MN

“I did not know the relationship with my teen-age daughter could get this much better. It really has. Being a single parent is hard, and I think every parent should have a parenting coach.  Lori’s parent coaching has helped me handle things better as a parent. “
Anne,  Phoenix, Arizona

“Yesterday was a wonderful coaching session! Thank you and Thank you Jesus. What a blessing you are to me. Thank you Lori.” 
Mary,   MN

“Thanks so much for the conversation; you lifted my spirits more than you can ever imagine. I am so grateful to have you assisting in my journey with the Lord but also for my life. I am forever grateful!"  
Lisa,  MN

“It was great to talk today! The time just flies so fast, but God is good and we make progress. Thank you for being my encourager, praying for me and listening to me. I am so thankful that God has matched us together. ” 
Pauline,  MN

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